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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Are you happy with the status quo?

It may be your health, your financial position, your current 10km best running time.  Whatever the metric you are thinking about, do you want to improve it? 

The background related to setting goals is not new.  I first came across goal setting at junior high school, when I desperately wanted to make the school's A team in Rugby Union Football.  That was some time ago!  It was a new concept to me and involved visualisation techniques along with writing the goal down on a small card (one that you see public speakers use in debates, before the invention of teleprompters).  It was groundbreaking for me at the time, I thought I was cheating and had a secret weapon against my fellow rivals who were competing against me for the "half-back" position on the A team.  Short story was this.  It worked.  I made the A team, despite being the smallest half-back amongst those trialling for the coveted position.



Fast forward almost 8 years later, whilst at University studying my Psychology Degree, I learned more (much more) about the power of goal setting and the brain's cognitive abilities.  Personally, I have set goals ever since I learned about their power and ablity at making those exact goals become realities.  And like most skills, with practice, my goal setting has improved and continues to improve.  Within the last 6 months, I qualified for the Ironman World Championships Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii which is on October 13,  2018.  It's a dream come true.  I first imagined as a 13 year old of doing this, whilst watching Wide World Of Sports on Channel 9.  It's been a long road to this point in my life, with many, many, many goals set (and reset) along the way.  Currently, I have set myself a big goal by my standards of improving my swimming efficiency and speed for this specific race.  Around my office at home, I can see images of what I want to achieve.  Photos, ornaments, visual reminders, written goals.  I have my current swim goal in June of averaging 15 kilometres a week, swimming with a strong catch and building my aerobic endurance each week.  This is written down on a memo and stuck on my wall above my laptop computer (where I will read it throughout the day, multiple times, with each time creating more positive reinforcement).  July will see me swim 25 kilometres a week.  It is a process.     There is a method to setting goals.  The simple fact is.  It works. 


These days, I enjoy teaching others through my coaching business about how to make meaningful events (not yet realised) become actual realities in their life.  It begins first with a desire within YOU for a change to your current situation.  If you would like to change a part of your life with respect to nutrition or how to compete in an endurance event you may be thinking about, or even both, there is no need to keep wondering.  You can go about making that idea become real.  If you would like to find out how I can make that a reality in your life, feel free to contact me and let's begin a discussion.

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